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My newest little boy

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He doesnt have a name yet but he is a right fidget! could only get 1 photo of him that wasnt blured or of his butt. so here he is, thanks again FMW

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You could name him Charcoal!

Or Char, or Coal for short! Or Soot! Or Ash/Ashes!

Or Nero! Or Noir, or Swart, or Zi, or Qara, or Beltza, or Zwart, or Itim, or Musta, or Schwarz, or Fekete, or Svartur, or Hitam, or *****, or Melns, or Juodas, or Czarny, or Preto, or Cierna, or Nyeusi, or Svart, or Du!

Those all mean black in different languages. Got a little too OCD :lol: ... tell me what you name him! :D
thanks guys, ive named him J.D short for John Doe lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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