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My newest brood of ASF pups

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Just thought I would take the time post some pics of my new babies.

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Wow! ^.^
What a cute fuzzy little pile!!
Thank you I really like asf's
I was expecting actual puppies! Like dogs! :lol: What does asf stand for? They're really cute, and it's cool how a lot of them have the same markings.
Asf= African soft fur rat. LOL yeah they are pretty much all marked the same with a little variation.
Aha; I was really wondering what they were. Their fur is very odd looking.
Yeah there fur is REALLY soft.
a week and a couple days old
Do you have pictures of the parents, so we can see what they look like as adults? The babies all look like pink things with clouds around them now! They are just adorable!
I will try and take some ;)
Aww!! You know, I've never seen ASF's as babies even when I got my three from the breeder! No wonder their fur is so soft as adults when they are so hairy as babies! Beautiful little pinkies!
Are any of these albinos? Or are they all the piebalds? :)
No there are no albinos. They are a mix of piebald amber, piebald agouti, and piebald cinnamon. The piebald amber are the ones with the pink eyes.
Piebald amber must be the ones I'm seeing in there, then!

The piebald cinnamons must look awesome. My friend is breeding them, but I never get the chance to look at them. :D
Some of my older ones so you can see what they look like :)

Older pups


New borns

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fantastic pictures.What gorgeous eyes they have,if only we could have those on fancy mice.
I was thinking or starting a multi forums, but don't have the funding right now and i don't think enough people would join and promote a freeforums :(
Are there blue agoutis in that giant pile? Or is it just the picture? :eek:
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