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My New Rabbit

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My female english rabbit died, so I had to get a new rabbit to pair with my dutch buck, Ivor. I tried to rescue an adult doe which had already been spayed but all the rescue places seemed to pair the does to bucks as soon as they come in so there were no suitbale single does. Anyway I found a baby doe which is a cross between and english lop and a continental giant. She is 9 weeks old and already bigger than the dutch!

This is a picture of her and her sisters while they were with their breeder. She is the one on the left with the spot on her nose. I think she is going to be called Martha.

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Wow I really hope mum was the conti, gorgeous bunny though.
Her skull is maybe a bit narrow to hold the weight, she seems to have an english shaped skull with conti ears, ever so sweet though.
This is one of my recent babies a wooly chinchilla, not showable but ever so pretty. Just one of those things that pop up in a litter now and again.
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