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My New Rabbit

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My female english rabbit died, so I had to get a new rabbit to pair with my dutch buck, Ivor. I tried to rescue an adult doe which had already been spayed but all the rescue places seemed to pair the does to bucks as soon as they come in so there were no suitbale single does. Anyway I found a baby doe which is a cross between and english lop and a continental giant. She is 9 weeks old and already bigger than the dutch!

This is a picture of her and her sisters while they were with their breeder. She is the one on the left with the spot on her nose. I think she is going to be called Martha.

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The only bunny we ever had when I was a kid was brought home by my dad, who took the doe as payment for some minor carpentry work. It was a huge white thing and I was in love with it. My mother was very displeased, and was even less pleased after she presented us with 13 tiny bunny babies.

The mother and the babies were traded off to a cousin (in return for some minor welding work) who had spare space in a shed, where he began bunny farming. They never quite came out and told me what had happened or I would have run away from home (again). She didn't like having anything to do with animals that weren't already dressed for cooking, but she had little choice, as my father's trade trickled out to next to nothing in 1960 and 1961, and we ate a lot of various game and fish. My father cleaned the fish, but he left my mom to dress the ducks and pheasants and quail and partridge.

He brought home other things that we also we ate....but that's another few stories. It suffices to say that my dad and I loved critters in general, and she didn't. I did get a nice picture with me trying to hold the huge thing on my lap, though.

(You may come to notice that I really like to write)
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Bunnies are fierce strong things, to be sure.
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