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My New Rabbit

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My female english rabbit died, so I had to get a new rabbit to pair with my dutch buck, Ivor. I tried to rescue an adult doe which had already been spayed but all the rescue places seemed to pair the does to bucks as soon as they come in so there were no suitbale single does. Anyway I found a baby doe which is a cross between and english lop and a continental giant. She is 9 weeks old and already bigger than the dutch!

This is a picture of her and her sisters while they were with their breeder. She is the one on the left with the spot on her nose. I think she is going to be called Martha.

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My mum was quite similar when I was young. I had a couple of mice for christmas one year, ofcourse there was one buck and two does! So it ended up with quite a lot of mice. My mum got rid of the lot telling me they had found a good home, a few years later I found out they went to a snake keeper, a common fate for my current mice, but these were cherished childhood pets.

I never had rabbits as a youngster, we always had guinea pigs which were really lovely childrens pets, very docile. From keeping rabbits in the last few years I think rabbits need quite a lot of handling and socialisation to get them to be managable. I am really lucky because its obvious that Martha has been well handled by her breeders, she is very confidant, far more than my other rabbits were at the same age. Without proper handling they can be very antisocial animals, I'm putting in a lot of work with Martha because she is going to be a very large rabbit so could inflict quite a bit of damage if she decided to, she already has invertantly, her claws are like little pins!
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I got a new camera for christmas so I took some updated pictures of Martha, now aged 12 weeks.

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Yes the mum was the conti :lol:

Her right ear has just flopped down, was hoping they would both stay up too!
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