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My new Dog

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after not having a dog in the house for just over a year, we were ready to get another!

meet Polly

she's 2.5 years old GSD cross, and an absolutely cracking dog.

we got her direct from the people rehoming her. She is excellent in the house, on the lead and with people she knows. She doesn't mind our cats, but is a little freaked out by my rats, she hasn't met the mice yet!

She does have a slight anxiety problem with strangers and barks at them (lots). We have already started work correcting this and plan to increase her exposure to strangers and desensitize her. Hopefully i am providing the correct 'calm, assertive and positive energy!' (Cesar Millan is my hero lol!)

I'm already in love :)
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Aww! She looks so cute! I love the red couch and green rug! :p
yeah, the couch is great and rug!

we recently redecorated and i thought the green rug was completely insane, so had to have it!
Very pretty! Love the coloring :)
This is kind of freaky, we too just got a GSD mix a few days ago.

her head is very collie like in shape, but from the neck down she looks quite similar to a GSD. First dog of this type that i have had, though i worked with a lot of GSD's and GSD types when i worked in kennels.

'windyhill' have you posted pics of yours?
No, I havent posted pictures yet, but I will :)
Well we really started the de sensitization last night when 2 of our friends came over.

I used a soft fabric muzzle, to make the humans feel more relaxed. I also used a leash and calmly and confidently played the leader by moving us both toward the strangers. With the muzzle on and the inability to bark, Polly showed her fear, she looked very worried and sat and refused to move backing off from meeting the visitors.

We all remained calm, ignoring her fear and the introductions were made almost instantly. She began to calm and within 10 minutes of the visitors entering she had her muzzle off and did not bark at them. Within half an hour the more confident of our visitors was petting her and Polly was relaxed.

definately a success and a far more pleasant experience for everyone.

Hopefully she will become more relaxed with strangers, but the difference in 48 hrs is amazing.

I dug out all my 'Dog Whisperer' DVD's to reinforce my own learning! :)
All these dog pictures as of late are making me jealous! :p
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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