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My New Champagne Girls

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Picked these pretty little ladies up at London Champs
(Thanks again WD !)

Those ears make me smile everyday ! :D
Hopfully get some size and typey-ness worked into the rest of my lot.
Pants pics but hey-ho, here they are...

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Awww my girls!!
They'll hopefully be joining the mob in the big tank downstairs next clean out.
Hmmm. Another game of musical cages is in order methinks.
*sigh* introducing meecers...always fun !! :roll:
They are Lovely!!! :D
As a fan of meeces of the large eared variety they have made me smile too-awesome! Especially mousie in last pic! :D
Now why would anyone want those.... :lol: :lol: I adore that first pic :love1

Their sisters here wave hi :p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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