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Hi all

please welcome my new girls on the block - if anyone could confirm the colours for me that would be great. this is what i think
Pink - ivory satin (pink eyes)
Lilly - champagne satin i think (black eyes)

View attachment 2

Kate - LH but not sure of official colout name, gray with white bits (black eyes)
(picture taken with lilly)

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Dolly - light brown, with orange belly and a white blaze (pink eyes)
Eva - light gray with orange belly and a white on her face and a little white spot mid shoulders (pink eyes)



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Hi Laura

Lily is a cream satin
Pink is an ivory
Kate is a blue 'broken' (genetically the markings could be caused by another gene though - since there's not much white it's hard to tell)
Dolly is a champagne broken (tan by your description although I can't see the belly in the pic)
Eva is a dove broken (again tan from your description)
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