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Please note I am very new, I gladly accept any and all comments and critiques, I have not bred any of the mcie and realize starting a serious breeding effort is a big commitment. I have tried to choose the nicest individuals, but the only source of mice around here are the petstore and reptile store, so its limited. One day I would like to get some true "show" type mice, but until then I'm enjoying learning everything I can about the breeding and care of mice and getting to know the ones I have. Thanks for looking:)
Four I got from a reptile place play on their Stagecoach...

I really like this broken agouti doe "Freckles", she has the cutest face. She is satin too.

An agouti buck, posing with the Freckles. Haven't named him yet...

Thanks for looking!

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I had a buck that looks like yours, it was sootiness, in time he cleared up to a bad red colour (he was a pet type so yellow). His offspring had the same thing, one doe was born an Agouti, then turned into a poor red. Another was born a black and turned into chocolate, and another into agouti. And it's not because I was poor with colours :p I can tell them appart lol.
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