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I've collected them from petstores over the years... lots of colors, humble beginnings... I learned early on to be cautious though... I take a puffy coat and hunched posture, even a sneeze, very seriously... private collections and petstores can be harboring contageons that will wipe out a whole mousery!! Indeed, I'm very careful now... I keep fresh ornacycline handy and allow for good quarantine time even if a mouse does appear in good health.

So I'm pretty proud of these little guys. mom had them on pine when I came back from oregon... pff! oh well, she's not the mouse person, and I admit... I'm grateful to still have them. I think they had some sniffles from a rat my mom got from a freind too, but antibiotics cleared it up, and thankfully no real dammage was done. everyone's sniffle-free again, except for my boy, Red, and he's still in quarantine... I'm sure he'll recover though!

thanks for taking a peek at my beasts! ^^

look at that floofy fur coat!!

...undignified... I don't seem to have a picture of her face, but she's got a nice gold belly!

here's the rest of them on the mousery database;

if I've got some genes wrong on my mice, or you think I do, please let me know, I'm just getting back into this, and learning some new things for the first time, so I'm open to helpful info! I'm here to learn!
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