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I thought why not share with everyone the updated pictures that I took tonight which are going to be placed on my mousery website, and introduce the 5 new members of the group. In order

Amy - Yes she Is Pregnant due in 3 - 4 days


Blue Bell

Callie - Mom of the latest litter











No Name 1 - any names suggestions welcome

No Name 2 - Any Name Suggestions welcome

Melody - Mom of the 2 no names, Keikei & Comet

Mini Moo





Tic Tac Toe
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I would love a mouse like BlueBell, i'm no good with types as very new to mouse keeping. what is she? but all the others are very cute too.
I have some LH's (well they should come out with long coats) all different markings if you are interested, lots Blue vari, Black Tan, 1 BEW, few Brokens, I have had a lot of interest in these bubs so if you want 1-2 let me know, they will be ready end January. I will be putting them up on the forsale forum soon (when they have openned their eyes). :D[/quote]

Thank you for the offer, i think i may pass at the moment as we are pushing it with my mum by having 4 :roll: . I would def be interested when we have some space if that is ok :) thank you ever so much
Oh, she really does look a rose colour underneath. Our mouse tiny doesn't look like that, but then again she wont sit still long enough to have her picture taken. i think i need a better camera
i have money over from xmas so i think i'll invest in a new and good camera, no point in always buying cheap and then getting it replaced. and when i do get one i'll post my first results in a new thread :) yeah i did find i need a lot of patience with photo taking, but when i want to play the "kids" are happy to oblige and keep me on my toes :)
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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