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My Meeces!

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Here are my meeces! Both females, the black one is Suki, and the white one with splotches is Twix.


I know my pics are terrible! I am trying to use my new camera... :lol:
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There lovely mice heres one of my Siamese youngster he has lovely big ears and a nice dark nose and tail , and a agente satin few weeks old .

Champagne satin
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Thanks! You really think she is preggo, geordiesmice?
I think she maybe her hind quarters do look like she is ,Ive seen my mice pregnant many times.
Yay! I was hoping for some pinkies! She's my first doe to breed, so I am very excited!
aw they are both gorgeous
What color is Twix? I am not yet familiar with the coat colors yet, but my guess is variegated brindle? But then again, I wouldn't know. :D
I don't think Twix is pregnant, she's brindle, and just fat. :p

Twix is a piebald brindle.
Suki is a piebald black.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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