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Don't *think* I've have posted any recent pics here for a fair whiles
So here goes !!

Good old Mrs.Moo maybe a bit flabby but still going strong :D

Moos daughter Lucy-fur

Group shot of girls !
(Moo, Lucy, Cracker, Tinsel, Fluke, Minx, Joke, and widdy runty mouse)
Bred by me bar Cracker + Tinsel

Joke - very sheepy fuzzy - Reverse Siamese ?

Widdy mouse - Little stubborn banded runt that she is is...
still going fine but lives alone as she's a midget :D

New fuzzy HL girl - Melady

Males -

Funky mouse ( yup that cute little baby grew big and handsome !!)
Broken fuzzy - with tan bits !

New fuzzy male - Meladdo

Wouldn't mind a darker shade of tan on some broken fuzzys.
Is on the 'to do' list along with adding a couple of 'typey' females to the crew.
Though size and type-wise I think I'm not doing too bad considereing
- but there's always plenty of room for improvement !!

Have got some impressive ears going on in my current and previous litters though.
Check out this little fuzz butt...



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I love Widdy!! She looks about the same size as my Scrambled Egg but it doesn't seem to stop him getting into trouble :D
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