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haha i love nasty dogs =D

Barni has the swan, duk and pheasant.

He rips the legs off, tails and allt he stuffing out.

He is good for catch mice though, great little ratter, i just opent he shed door and let him in ( as ive got a bit of a problem at the moment with them in the shed ) doesnt help with next door being dirty buggers.

Loved working with the fear aggressive dogs at the kennels here is a example of one, No one could get near him, or even get in the kennel with him. After 7 days he would of been put down because none of the staff in that section were prepared to work with him and wanted him put down for charging at the bars.

Few days of Mark Magic and he made a great turn around, if it wasnt for Barni being the way he is around other dogs ( lack of socilaisationw hen he was younger ive put it down to ) i would of taken him on myelf.

Found a great rescue for him and this was taken a few days after him bing there
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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