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my little fuzzers ..

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ok so seeing as i haven't been able to get my mice to sit still for long enough for me to take some decent pics of them i thought i would show you my other fuzzies :)

firstly these are my two Chinese hamsters Guthrie and Heineken. they were my first little

sometimes i love the timing with my camera when i get a shot like this

hehe little monkey attacking banana

that was the first and last time i put their sand in a house, now it staying in a dish

i love this picture just for his tail sticking up ^_^

another good timed shot with my camera

This is a little on i love very much already. It was my birthday a few days ago and my bf brought me a very sweet little present. Hes a one year old robo hamster that was put up for adoption because he was attacked by another hamster, and my bf knowing if i had seen him i would have wanted to save him brought him and cared for him for the week before my birthday. He is missing a patch of hair on his bum and his ears are literally shreds. i also think that he may not have been handled as he is very afraid of everything, although this could just be because he was attacked. My bf did a great job during the week he had him as he said that he wouldn't even leave the safety of his nest, but gradually he handled the hamster and he became a little more tame and a little less bitey. He seems to be settling in well and i baby him just because seeing his condition u just cant help but love him.

this is my little Joey. i only have one picture of him hiding away as i didn't want to intrude too much, but i will snap a more pics of him for you guys to see when hes a little more settled.
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What little cuties!! You have some great shots there of them - and I love the first one where he is staring straight at your camera!
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