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I culled my first mouse last night...she was one fo my older girls, she was a rescued feeder and was developing tumors in her throat. I used co2. It was very difficult :cry: I feel awful that she's gone, but she really needed to go. She was gagging and choking on her tumors. I also felt some tiny ones starting to pop up in her abdomen.

She's the PEW. Her name was Daisy :(

I originally got her to be friends with the other mouse in the photo, named Yxo. Yxo was the baby mouse I handraised. Daisy is probably the reason I started breeding. I never actually bred her, as she was from poor origins, but when Yxo died, I almost rehomed Daisy. I ended up changing my mind, and so I adopted two more does, and eventually more mice, and ended up breeding.

I will miss her :( Watcing her boss around the other mice was always very entertaining, she really added a lot of personality to the colony.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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