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My Current Mice

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Here are some of the mice I have at the moment. They all are the original 14 I got last year or their offspring. I realize that they aren't the "highest quality" mice, but they are adorable to me. :) I am awful at identifying colors (randomly guess, hehe) so if you know what color any of them are I would love to know. I know there is different terminology for breeders, pet owners, laboratories, so it gets confusing.

(Some have very "creative" names, they name themselves...)


Hazel - Agouti?

Pandora - Agouti Broken?

Flower - Black Broken?

Mishka - Agouti Broken?

Iris - no idea

Monkey - Black Broken?

Willow - Black Broken?

Pancake - Agouti Tan?

Piper - Dove Broken?

Orange - Argente?

Purple - Dove Tan?

Blanche - Silver?

Jaune - Argente Cream?

Rock - Black Broken?

Paper - Black Broken?

Scissors - Dove Broken?

Grouchie & Tigger - Agouti? (they have mustaches! well, it looks like it)

Amara - Chocolate Tan?

Holly - Black Broken Satin?

Lady Rel - something fox, I think...

Mimzy - Argente Cream?

Nano - Agouti Tan?


Leo - Argente Cream?

Gus - Agouti?

Satin - Black Broken Satin

Jerry - Black Broken

HeebeeJeebee - Champagne Satin?

Jojo - Agouti Broken?

Monty - Black Broken?

I apologise for the sometimes less-than-clear photos. My camera doesn't always like me, and the mice are quite fast! :roll:

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Wow, that's quite a collection :3. I love the names. Pancake looks so fat, lol. :love :love1
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