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My litters are around 2 weeks old now. Time for some photo's, so I can show them all to you.

First black tan x black tan = 7 black tan. The little pinky is a fosterchild, one of my mums killed all her pups but one, so I tried to foster her and it works very well.

They all look like this:

Here I've got 3 litters together: Black tan x black tan rumpwhite, blueagouti tan longhair x black tan longhair satin and goldagouti longhair x himi longhair. Surpise! 2 culies!


And 'best' rumpwhite (male) in the litter:

I've got 2 more litters at the moment, goldagouti x extreme black and burmese frizzie x blue longhair. But no photo's yet.
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