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My Current Brood

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First off, my two ASF, Melvin (male) and Asia (female).

My oldest mouse, Penelope. Suffice to say, she has a lot of her plate.

As soon as Penny leaves her litter, her "protector" moves in.

For whatever reason, Melvin and Asia treat Penelope as one of their own. I don't think its common for the two types to live together but for whatever reason these three do just fine.
- - - - -
My newest litter, less than 24 hours old... got the mom from a feeder breeder. I don't plan to hang onto her for long - have a few people interested in her.

The lone adult male in my group, and his predecessor.

- - - - -
Last but not least, my new girls. Could really use some color ID.

I'm a sucker for the yellows...


The above two have no names and I'm not sure about color ID either (?)

- - - - -
This is it for now. I'm really hoping to get some merles and roans eventually.
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*drools over Cookie*
I'm a sucker for the broken/marked blacks. Cookie is adorable. You have some beautiful mice there!
Your baby pics colours, in order that you posted them:

Broken Recessive Yellow
Broken black
Broken Argente
Brindle (possibly broken if it has white spots, didn't get a good body shot)
Broken dove
in the fourth picture, the little tiny baby looking at the freaking adorable. omg
zigable - thanks. I'm retaining two black/white broken does from Penelope's litter... I'll get some updated pictures of them next week providing all goes well.

Rhasputin - thanks for the picture ID!

Just Mouse - He is a cutie! I gave him to a friend right after I took these pictures, Mevlin was beginning to object to his presence.
the fourth picture = incredibly cute babies alert!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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