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My Blues

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Hi all thankyou for the lovely comments of my little blues, i thought that id add some more pics of Katie (darker moose) and Ruby (lighter moose) they decided to use my camera case as temporary accommodation as i took the pics :lol: still havent worked out how to make the pictures smaller yet so sorry for the HUGE mousey pic on your screens!! :oops:

Ruby and Katie are sisters but Ruby is much larger (probably because of her sever addiction to sunflower seeds!) i dont know if you can notice on the second pic of ruby that she has a little growth on the side of her neck it dosent seem to bother her, do u think i get her checked out?

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Aww, they're lovely and the 4th pic is just adorable! :D
its quite sweet because everytime i tried 2 take their picture the kept running towards the camera trying to hide in my hands :lol:
Soooooo cute! Lovely ladies!

I have a buck, Jasper, who will jump onto the camera and try to pry my fingers off to hold him :roll:
He's such a Diva!
I love the bum shot :lol: And my mice love the camera too - apparently it's a great game trying to climb on it when mum is taking photos :roll:
patience is definately needed when taking our meece pictures haha :lol:
So cute! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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