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My blue stud buck rat

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well i needed a new buck to continue my blue line. so here he is

What a Stud!

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aww his such a cutie never even thought of keeping rats as i dont have the space atm but guess who i'll be bugging if i want one lol
Lovely little boy; is he a dumbo? I love him!
yep dumbo, i breed pet quality blue dumbo's and i'm working blue rex.
Oooooh, I want one like that!
what do you keep them in ? the rub box's too ? or do you have bigger cages for these?
Are you any good at rat genetics? My blue doe recenly gave birth to a whole litter of Agoutis :?
i'm rubbish at genetics, thats why i stick to self colours with my mice and only breed like with like.

I keep my adult rats in larger cages and my nursing does and babies in 3ft aquarium tanks.
Awww!! What a beautiful little baby!! And such a lovely colour!
He's stunning! I love blues, especially dumbos!

This is my massive hunk of gorgeousness called Murphy, hes a Russian Blue dumbo and one of my studs, bit sad i haven't got a female to match him, but he stills makes some stunning offspring :)

One of his latest litters with my himi TE girl...

In the nest.

Blue Berks


Black berks


End of hijack :oops: :p
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very nice. i have an older russian blue doe who may be good for a litter if you want to stud your RB buck out?? pm me if interested.
Not sure how i'd get him to you :?

He's not quite as shexy as he used to be, hes 4 years old now and turning into a proper old man, still does his job though, even if he can be super grumpy at times :p
mousemad said:
Are you any good at rat genetics? My blue doe recenly gave birth to a whole litter of Agoutis :?
I can try and help you :) I've been reading up about rat genetics for a while now.

Ship, he's so purdy!!
they are all adorable :D

mousemad, the father to your rat will be an agouti or an agouti based rat colour and does not carry blue hence why all baby's will be agouti ;)
Thanks for the help peeps, since asking the question I have done a lot more reading about rat genetics and even tho i'm no where near totally understanding it I am getting better :lol:
Shiprat said:
OH MY GOD THAT IS THE MOST DARLING LITTLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! I am getting a couple of baby ratties in a few weeks, I want them to look this cute when I bring them home!
Are you any good at rat genetics? My blue doe recenly gave birth to a whole litter of Agoutis
Agouti works the same was in rats as is dominant, meaning dad was agouti...probably homozygous (2 copies of the agouti gene). If you don't have any blue agouti's in the litter (they would be lighter than regular agouti and have blue at the base of their hairs instead of black) then dad doesn't carry blue (which also is like mice, in being recessive...and there are 2 different blue genes in rats that are both fairly common). If dad was a blue agouti and and you got no blue agouti's in the litter, than mom and dad have the different blue genes.
awww hes such a handsome wee man!! do you have a name for him??
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