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My baby... Minnie :)

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this is my 5 n half month old Jack russell Minnie. Shes a little devil but my lickle baby :D
hope u like the pics :)

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Aww, she's lovely, I used to have a Jack Russell that looked just like her, even down to the penny spot on her back. They are super fun little dogs! :D
Gorgeous wee doggy! I wanted a `jack` after we lost our beloved black labrador aged 15, but we decided not to have another dog. I do miss the walks and the company of a dog around the house though.

I also love seeing them WITH their tails nowadays as it makes them much cuter! :)
She's adorable! i love the last picture, so full of energy :D
shes a very lively little thing hehe. shes always on the move never sits still lol shes got 2 spots on her back but ya can only see 1 on that pic :) shes a little monkey... loves lookin out the window wen she sits on the passanger seat in the car :D
What a lovely little face :) She looks very sweet.
she is very sweet :) little bugger at times tho lol x
Ooh, she looks like a right little devil-doggie! I really love the middle size doggies like this kind.
nice looking jack you have there. not too short or two tall and very cute face, whisps of wire hair. just how i like them!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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