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Just out of curiosity... am I the only person on this planet that is getting fed up of hearing Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis on the radio? In my 12 hour shift today i heard Alexandra 11 times and leona 9 times. I know there is good music out there so I wish they would play it!! Ok rant over, thank you :shock:
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You should get Digital Radio, it's all we listen to. Well, the Planet Rock station anyway :)

Sarah xxx
I have to admit, I do enjoy the Leona cover but then I only listen to the radio in the car!
oooooh, ta for the tip sarah.

Paul: i used to like the songs by leone but just fed up now
i always listen to planet rock in the evenings, Q is quite good too
Cleaning the mice out to rick wakeman on saturday with planet rock ............oh yes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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