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moustress is in the chat room

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I'm gonna hang out there for a little while.
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nice chatting with you guys..let's do it again!
It's about 9 pm CDT, and I'm going to hang in the chat room for about 20 min. Y'all com in, now. ;)
Sorry I missed you last night, we'll have to try again sometime :)
I'd like to get folks into the PetRodents chatroom; it's e'er so much more commodious and easy to use. It's very spiffy and colorful and has lots of personal options. Not trolling for members here....though it IS my 'home' rodents forum.
12:37pm Sat Oct 25 Come chat with me! I'll be in andn out for the next hour or two. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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