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Mousery Moments in Ohio

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Mousery Name: Mousery Moments (MYM)
Owned By: Beth McCallister
Location: Columbiana, Ohio, USA
Exhibition or pet Breeder?: Both
Varieties Bred: Blue, Brindle, Siamese, Tricolor, Splashed, Black, Dove, Champagne, etc...
Origin of Mice: Eccentric Evolution (VA), CS Beck Rodentry (PA), Whiskers N' Tails (TN), GypsyTails (GA)

Thank you!
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Are you still breeding? What part of Ohio are you in? I am going to northern Ohio next autumn, and would be interested in getting some good foundation stock, perhaps Siamese. Let me know if you are still breeding.
And again, since she doesn't use this forum anymore, and her website is down, I'd suggest contacting her through Facebook.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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