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Hi Guys...

I have a beautiful tempered little lone male. hes gorgeous and so very tame and totally has it made!!

He seems happy being on his own. He has his tank and a toilet tube that comes onto the pc desk, That also leads onto another desk, so he can always come out and see us when he wants. hes not confined!
He also has a great silent wheel and other stuff to keep up his interest, but most importantly, he gets playtime with us every morning.

But i cant help feeling he should have some mousie company! after all, mice are sociable creatures, and it just dosent seem right for him to never have a friend again. :cry: :? Plus hes quite a manic mouse sometimes, and i feel that a doe might help to calm him a little.

So im wondering if anyone is out there who may have a middle aged gentle doe, who would they feel might like some cuddly company in her retirment!
With a cute handsome year and a bit old buck called Nemo, who has it made!! :D

"Sounds like" lol


kirsty & Nemo
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mousematch, where singles mingle, do my mice need credit card details to sign up? :p
Lol... No credit card details needed! Tis totally free to join...!!
Just a mouse wink is all you need! ;-)

We are based in Uk. We are in Kent, and Surrey, and even Wiltshire as have many friends down there and see them often, so take your pick from any of these places.

Each are easy to get to.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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