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Mouse pregnancy

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I have 2 female mice which i believe to be pregnant. (tummys have got larger not so active ) I recently moved them to a 3ft x 1.5ft vivarium tank which i have 3 girls and a boy in. The two girls which seem to be pregnant seem to stick together. In there sleeping box which is a cardboard box (20cmx20cmx5cm tall) is shredded tissue! The pregnant two have made anest/bed in 1 corner, and the other girl is in the far corner on her own and my boy seems to have pinched some tissue and made a nest behind his wheel for himself. Will they all be ok together in the vivarium even with newborns?
They've got lots to do in there home and obviously loads of space. I was going to take the boy out but feel sorry for him being on his own but yet I know he'll most likely make them pregnant straight away again which I don't want. I've recently read about castrating a mouse but working in a veterinary practise myself have never heard of it done, has anyone on here?
I hadn't planned on having a boy it was meant to be all girls but being new to the mice scene trusted the breeder who sold them to me. And I couldn't rehome him coz he's one of my favourites, and i hate the thought of him being on his lonesome. Just don't know what to do for the best though, can anyone help?
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He'll be fine on his own as long as you give him lots of attention out of the tank. If youre planning on breeding regularly the males are rarely on their own for long as theres usually a female that needs to be paired up.
I would definately have less of a problem keeping a bucck by himself than back to back breeding a doe, its bad for the does health and results in very poor babies.
Yeah I don't want more babies anyway. If I took the other non pregnant girl out with him will she be able to go back with the other girls when she's due?
I think i'll ask at work about castration. Have you heard of it before?
yeah Kallan castrates his/her bucks often, she says it can cost about 60 pounds on average per mouse. Also its best to go to a vet who's used to reptiles and the like coz mice can be tricky when put under.
You'd be better off just keeping the male on his own, and the girls together. He'll be fine on his own as long as you spend time with him.

If you leave the non-pregnant girl with him (she may be pregnant, just not showing) rather than put her in with the other does when she's due, i'd leave her to litter on her own. Otherwise, you'll find that the babies from the older litters will nick all her milk, and her smaller babies won't be able to compete - they'll have a better chance if it's just her and them.
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