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I got my pet mouse Lucia back in August (she was given to me but originally came from a pet store) and I wasn’t able to get her friends until a couple of weeks ago. I finally got 2 more female mice from a breeder, and last night their quarantine was up and I attempted to introduce them in a playpen. I put Lucia in first and then put Pepper in. Before I could even grab Pumpkin (the dominant of the new girls) and put her in, Pepper (the usually submissive one) started attacking Lucia. I put a piece of cardboard between them and broke it up, and then almost 10 seconds later Pepper attacked Lucia again and didn’t stop. I tried to use the cardboard, and that didn’t work so using my bite proof gloves I had to basically pull Pepper off of Lucia. It really seemed like this was gonna become deadly so I removed Lucia at that point. She was extremely scared and all fluffed up and intensely shaking. It was so sad to see and now I have no idea what to do 😓. From what i’ve read, if this stage goes badly then that’s a big indicator that the mice will never be able to get along. I also read that the older they are, the more difficult it can be to introduce them and get them to bond. I really want them to all live together so Lucia doesn’t have to be alone anymore. Let me know if you have any suggestions please.
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