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Mouse has a bad issue, please help me

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Hey 2 days ago i discovered that my pet mouse had a large lump under her eye, this caused her eye to bulge out. the next day i noticed that the eye has gotten worde, it was cloudy and it was just a mess, none of the vets near me are available and they charge a lot of money for just a simple appointment, im 17 and i have no money at all, my parents and family also cannot help as they are also struggling, so i cannot take her to any vets at the moment. one more day passed (today) and her eye is a total mess, its red, white and bulging out alot, she does not close it when she sleeps and it has bled, im guessing that she scratched it or poked it on something at it caused it to swell up and cause an infection. I dont know what to do but i really dont want to lose my best friend, ive only had her for around 3-2 months as she was given to me from my sisters friend. the mouse is around a year old and is eating and drinking as normal, she is also still active and doing everything as normal but i kindly ask for any help. please suggest what i can do, i will attach images of her eye, please be warned that the images aren't too pleasant.

I really appreciate any help i can get.


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put neosporin on it and a compress. this happend to my lizard.
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