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More tricolour babies

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Here are some updated pix of Babs' and Chuck's babies at about 3 weeks. You can't see them, but Babs has her second litter hidden in a nest under the surface of the bedding. It took me a minute to locate them as they were pretty quiet until I disturbed the older baby who was warming the nest, at which point they let out a chorus of tiny eekings.

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:D Thanks! I love the unexpected diversity that comes with breeding tris. Each different set of combinations gives different results. It looks like some types of tri have a sort of chemical roulette wheel that randomizes what happens; the results aren't always happy ones, unfortunately.

The problems classifying tris comes in part, I think, from the fact that many (like thousands) different manipulations were done over decades of lab work, so there are a lot of 'tri-like' mammalian phenomena that are out there. Cattanach's Translocation is just the best known and one of the earlier attempts experimenting in this way.

In my original forum we talked about trying to get the glow-in-the-dark mousies, but they were too expensive. then there are the problems with distributing the generations fairly...
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make sure you keep us updated with all your little tri babies! i love looking at them! :mrgreen:

and as for getting those expensive glowing mice, i think that would be pretty cool. maybe someday i'll try it haha. i know there are other types of mice you can buy from labs and stuff but i dont really know what kinds there are
A while back I cruised through a number of sites with info on transgenic strains and found a few hundred just in one site that use the beige,brown, black combo type tri. White Cattancach did his experiment mostly just to see what would happen, the majority of them are designed for a very specific purpose. The details on each and every one of those hundreds run, per case, to many, many pages. It's hard for me to see the value in trying to set standards...

I digress. I'm glad you enjoy the pix.
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