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MORE of my gang! And updated rex-baby pics!

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I wish I had a nicer camera though. This one is not so good at taking pictures of mice. :p

Here's my broken brindle baby, with her sibling who I think is a broken marked lilac? Grayish markings with bright, pink eyes. :>
They're almost twins as far as markings go.

A litter of black selfs and banded. I'm trying to 'breed a better black' from these guys. What makes me mad, is the one with the nicest black colour, is a BANDED! :p

Here are some updated pics of the rexes i created. x) You can see the long guard hairs in some of the pics. And in the last pic, you can see the weird splash that one of them has. :p

Here's some pics of a splashed rex that I got at rodent fest! :>
What a sweet boy he is!

Another sweet rex, a blue doe, that I got at rodent fest! :>

Here's my male frizzle. LOOK AT THOSE EARS! :>
He came from rodent fest, too. I'm pretty sure he's a tri-colour, just with bad markings.

And here's my beautiful tri-colour frizzle female! I love her little black foot, and her red eyes!
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Sorry the pics are so big!
The forum usually re-sizes these pictures... I don't know why it didn't this time... ):
I have the same problem trying to improve my black selfs... I had a buck pup who was a gorgeous shiny black...banded. So I have to go with the one who's fur is not as dark, but has less white.
So cute!
I have 2 very nice self blacks that I would give you if you were closer. Im not really sure if I want to breed black selfs, but these 2 are too nice to part with unless they go to another breeder.
Meet somewhere in Texas? Or maybe in New Mexico?
I love your little black rex and your Frizzle :D
Are those first to broken brindles the ones that you were showing me? :p
Nope! Tose are from the new litter, by the same mothers. They all have the same basic genetics, but they all throw different ammounts of different colours. The brown one is a brindle, and I'm REALLY proud of her! She's exactly what I wanted to make.
The other one is a broken marked dove. :)
Wow, your mice are stunning! I am in love with the rexes! :lol:

Where and when is this Rodent Fest? I've never heard of it.
Rodent fest is in Leesport PA. There's one coming up on October 2nd. :)
It's a 4 hour drive for me, which isn't bad.
Where the pictures are too large, the frame of the thread is also too large, at least on my screen...
Oh :) Well I just absolutly adore that dove. Shes gorgeous :3 Good job ^_^
Rodentfest can be talked about on MOUSE (the Yahoo! group) or on other American forums (I can PM you the links if you'd like).

I may not be able to come to this upcoming fall fest, but I will try to send a representative with mice for people, if at all possible.
Well, someone I know hast to come or else Im going to be just wandering around aimlessly :3!
Jenny (WNTMousery), Kadee (TREK), Stina (CSB), and others are usually there. :p
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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