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MORE baby guineas!!

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just you wait till june and July hits! I have 6 litters due then! but theyre just too darn cute i have to share with anyone i can! :p

they are chocolate dalmations, the two crested ones (the thing on their heads for those who don't know ;) ) are boys and the ones without are girls.

all together now...

pics were taken under my new home made light tent.... only big enough for baby piggies unfortunatly!! And the camera for those of you who are interested is Canon EOS 350D

Vi xxx
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I do for special occasions.... BIG guinea shows ect. However, i have freinds all over the UK and most
that live much further south than I do mean I can pass any piggies to them and they will get as close to where they are needed as I can get them.

thanks everyone. :)

vi x
LOL, i cut the sides out of a cardboard box, lined the inside with white card. then attached a thin white fabric to the outside, covering the holes. then back inside put a peice of card in which slopes from the top of the back to the front of the bottom. then you put a light over the top!

Vi xxx
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