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Welcome back to the FMB Monthly Photo Competition!
These are the general rules and the guidelines for entering.

♦ A new thread will be added to the Monthly Competition forum on the 1st of each month, stating the theme and any other relevant info.
♦ To enter, you send the photo(s) to me (Fantasia Mousery) via PM. Each competition is open for entries from the moment the new thread is posted, and until the 21st 12pm GMT on that same month. The winner will be picked on the 28th.
♦ Maximum 2 photos per member per month.
♦ Any sort of photo editing is NOT allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: any type of text, special effects or colour change.
♦ Following the deadline, a new thread will be posted with all the entries and a poll for all of the members to vote for their favourite photo. While I can't prevent anyone from voting on their own photo, I kindly ask you not to.
♦ Each month's winner will be added to the Winners Gallery, along with the right to choose the next month's theme (if nothing is chosen, I will pick one).

Please make sure to send me the direct link to the photo(s) you are entering, preferably wrapped in the IMG-tag

(Explanation image taken from the old rule thread).

Guide to uploading photos:
Guide to resizing images:

Rules are subject to change, though nothing will change in the middle of an ungoing competition.
Any questions are of course welcome here or by PM. :)
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