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Thought it was about time I posted pics of my hounds on here. Both of them came from Beagle Welfare (, who rehome hounds all over the country and try to educate new owners on the kind of special needs beagles have in order to prevent so many from ending up in rescue.

Molly was neglected when she was young. She's very stubborn, dominant and wilful, and her owners couldn't do anything with her so, to cut a long story short, she ended up living in a crate for 23 hours of the day. She been with us for 3 and half years and is now 7 and a half years old. It took a couple of years, but we're coexisting very peacefully now she's realised I won't ever let her be the boss! She has such character and a very intelligent, devious mind, but she's very affectionate and sweet with it.

"Molly Come Home" Promotional Shot LOL

"Go on - rub my belly. You know you want to..."

Whizzer is a very well mannered elderly gentleman who came to live with us from Beagle Welfare about 6 months after Molly. He was eight years old the time (he's now nearly 12) and had been in kennels since he was five years old after is loving owner very sadly had to give him up. He dotes on Molly and lets her push him around something chronic (and it makes her happy to have SOMEONE to boss around!) He was quite institutionalised when we got him, but he's come out of his shell and become a very affectionate and sweet old man.

Playbitch Centrefold, July 2007

The old man and me:

Both of them together:]

Sarah xxx
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