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mini chat

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Ok mini chat is live. obviously it may need tweaking. Mini chat is available on the home page of the forum, at the bottom of the page; alternatively you can click on the chat link to use a custom page just for chat.

there was concern about innappropriate use of chat. I think it comes under forum rules. an archive of the live chat is created so if anyone abuses the system then a mod can check the archive and take appropriate action. persistant innapropriate use of mini chat may result in the facility being switched off

hope everyone enjoys and please make suggestions for alterations.

only registered users can see chat.
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Can't see it ):
Oh wah!!! I can't see it either!
log out and back in again, delete browser cache etc.
ship i still cant see any live chat hon
ooops sorry guys forgot something very obvious! i hate it when that happens!

anyway enjoy chatting
Its Awesome if i say so myself! :)

i love mini chat, adds a whole new dimension to a forum.


next up iTrader or Games Arcade?? mmmmmm which one first!

i have a couple of hours to dedicate to the forum tonight mwahhahaha :twisted:
Umm, I cant wait to see the I trader thing. Sounds interesting.
Chat has gone away. *grumble *whine*
ok yes chat has disappeared for the moment.

I updated the forum software and have a bug to fix

chat will be back asap
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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