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Millie and her Babies (PICS)

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Just went to feed Millie and thought it was odd she didn't come running out (with her HUGE tummy!), had a quick peek in the nest and she's given birth to 4 really large babies!! i'm so chuffed.

Will get pics in a few days as i don't want to disturb them too much :)
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lol know what you mean, with a house full on animals it's often a struggle to make ends meet. Our house is like a zoo: 40 tropical fish (4 pairs of breeding cichlids), canary, 2 dogs,1 lizard, 2 snakes and at present 11 mice lol :lol: that said, i wouldn't be without them.

....and i'd say breed :) xxx
3 dogs, 3 cats, a horse (pregnant), a snake, 19 mice (10 breeders {possibly up to 4 pregnant} 9 babies). Yeah, I like animals, but I'm also a pre-vet student. I saved the life of one of my mice by sub-q injections that kept him hydrated when he was really sick. If your abyssinian is a cat, I'd say breed. They're one of the most popular cats today, easily in the top five (at least in US). It should be easy to find home for the kittens. If you're talking about a mouse, still breed, see if any of the babies come out really well. Then maybe think about developing the line.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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