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Midlands Show

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I am going to the midlands show and im considering showing my 7 week old cham tans if they are good enough. Was just looking for any advice as this will be my first show. Has anyone got any pics of winning cham tans for comparison??? i have been to 2 shows allready but not shown in them. Any advice greatly appreciated
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thanks lol might have to do that. im really looking forward to it. cant wait now :)
Someone remind me, is this show before or after Honley?
It's the weekend following Honley weekend (Midland Mouse Show June 18th)
Tinkers Mousery said:
Sarah C - was just wondering if you have any astrex running through your cham tan lines??? i ask this because one has a slight curly coat.
at least your runts have the energy to grow fur,look at mine

It's older than it looks,eyes fully open.Slipped through the net when I was looking for poor doers.
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aww bless him, he looks bigger and stockier than my runts tho. that cham tan doe in the pic has got her eyes open now so theres no stopping her lol.
just a reminder to any members who are kind enough to support our show that the lovely Terry Thorne will be judging selfs and satins and would be very appreciative of any surplus frozen mice to give to his bird of prey :thx
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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