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Midland mouse show

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We will be holding an NMC show on the 18th of June in Leicestershire :D

Lubenham Village Hall
Address: Laughton Road
Lubenham, Market Harborough
County: Leicestershire
Postcode: LE16 9TE

hopefully it will be well supported and nearer for some people who can't make the great journey north.There is a train station for those who can't get by car ... ay_station
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but then i`ll be needing maxey cages :eek: and bigger meecers to put in them
Not all varieties of mice are big,mine are mostly medium sized.You are welcome to come with out mice and Maxeys just to look.
I'll try my best to make it, but I'm still a bit unsure. I'll try to save up :)
Oh I'd have love to have come cos it's relatively local for me but I'm already doing something that weekend :(
smileysal said:
Oh I'd have love to have come cos it's relatively local for me but I'm already doing something that weekend :(
Well then CANCEL :twisted: :lol:
well I will be comming along with one maybe two others :D
Ian are you comming along with us ?)
Great Laoshu, really glad you're coming. Is Katrina coming with you?
yep Kat will be coming as well, I will send Ian a text to find out about him :D
excellent, will be nice to meet some more of the southern fanciers!
Yes I'd like to come, I think it might be my last NMC show before my little girl arrives. I've nto got much to show but I can chuck in a few randoms to bump numbers.
Would be nice to see you again Ian, hope you can make it :)
I am hoping to get to this show. Gary and Heather will be staying here on the friday night. We will all be a little worse for wear on saturday no doubt. It's looking like it will be the best attended show since Harrogate....I hope the show sec is ready!
Think I could bring some mice for you loverly experts to check the colours of? I have a few does that I'd like to be certain of their colour and I'm not 100%. Pretty please.
Yay not long to go now :O)

what time does the judging start and/or the doors open?

I need to plan my trip and allow for getting lost :lol:
I am very excited for this show :) Its not far from me, I wont have anything ready by then to show though :D
the post code on the schedule is incorrect.The post code is LE16 9TE.The listed post code is still the same road but about a mile and a half away .
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