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midland mouse show June the 16 th.

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Lubenham Village Hall
Address: Laughton Road
Lubenham, Market Harborough
County: Leicestershire
Postcode: LE16 9TE
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great ,the more the merrier.We are putting on an unstandardised class,you should enter some of the woollies Cait.
most are a 2 hour drive each way for me and about £35 in fuel.The odd one is more.
:eek:fftopic if anyone is coming to this show from the South End area,I'm wanting a rabbit collecting and bringing,not for free.If not I'll get it when I'm at Enfield I guess.
Paul Brockman said:
Not wishing to hi-jack the Midland Mouse Club Show thread but the South Eastern Mouse Club will also be instigating the same rule at all future shows. After checking with our 'landlord' , Crawley Borough Council & the Crawley Horticultural Society , this also extends to the car park , so once you enter the gate the unregistered selling of animals is prohibited.

However the SEMC will allow the exchange of breeding stock amongst breeders who are members of the NMC or who have entered mice into the show , this is not a two tier system but a sensible precaution against cross contamination as all NMC members or show paticipants have submitted their details so contact can be made in the event of any health problems.

Regards Paul.
We have cancelled our auction class permanently.Future shows(Midlands) will possibly be open to exhibitors only.Thanks for everyone who contributed to a good entry and good luck on Saturday
Thanks to everyone who attended and congrats to the winners.We've scrapped the auction class due to conflict over private trading.We won't be resurrecting it in future,we want a pleasant day not hassle which will mean that 'participating' exhibitors only will be allowed to trade show quality mice but no pet ones ;)
I think the baldy man is Dave not Gary :lol:
1 - 8 of 59 Posts
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