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midland mouse show June the 16 th.

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Lubenham Village Hall
Address: Laughton Road
Lubenham, Market Harborough
County: Leicestershire
Postcode: LE16 9TE
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I'll be there with bells on, especially as my friend lives across the road! :D
I actually culled them right back this morning so I don't know if there will be any to show. If not though I still have the splashed and rumpwhites.
For those who don't know, there is a pub across the road and Naomi was offering lunches in the hall too :)
Market Harborough is the nearest train station and the hall is approximately a ten-minute drive away.
Wight Isle Stud said:
Blimey, I have had to draw the line on my travel limits now at my age, if the Journey is five hours or above, I now get a bigger bag of opal fruits.
I still call them Opal Fruits too Gary. I know they changed the name here a long time ago (maybe 10 years?) but it's just not the same. I told my husband what you had written and he got a craving for Opal Fruits and came home from the supermarket yesterday with a bag :roll:
Apparently it was 1997/8 when they changed it to match the rest of the world, who always called them Starburst. The same thing happened to Marathon/Snickers... remember that? :D
For Mojomouse... BIS judging from this afternoon.

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The speakers on my laptop don't work so I am wondering, is there any sound on the clip?
Wight Isle Stud said:
Thankyou Mojo I consider those Pink Travelling Cases for Maxys to be offensive to the eye. I have formed an anti Pink Society within the NMC to have them Banned. However I find the more I object to them the more pink stuff turns up at shows. It is a conspiracy and I have a plan to nobble them at the next show where I know they will be attending.

I took some photos as well as the video - I'll post them in a while after I have resized and uploaded them :)
Lubenham Village Hall where the show was held

Window at the hall through which you can make out SarahY's new pride and joy ;)

Inside the hall

Ruth (judging) with her dog Judd, Dave and Heather

Stuart judging

SarahY and Phil

Mice being judged

Judging BIS

SarahC presenting BIS to the winner, Phil
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So it is. I was going to post a different photo, changed my mind but not the caption - edited to fix :)
MojoMouse said:
Does BIS Phil have a stud website, and is he on the forum?
BIS Phil! Maybe that's what we should call him next time we see him :lol:

But no, he doesn't use any forums and doesn't have a website. However most of the other winners do: Wight Isle Stud (Gary) won BOA in show (with his Best Self) and I think Best AOV too. Loganberry (Heather) won Best Satin and SarahC won Best Marked. As you have probably deduced from this, the BIS was in fact a tan.
I found a few more photos for Mojomouse and anyone else interested in yesterday's show :p

Gary (Wight Isle) and SarahC

More judging


Panorama of BIS judging

The hall



Ruth and Stuart with their dog Judd

Heather and Kelly

More people

Abyssinian in Unstandardised class

Stuart with Heather (morning-star) stewarding

Another random shot
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MojoMouse said:
The venue's pretty spectacular as well. Handy to have so much natural light for judging the mice!

Was this the main NMC show of the year?
The venue was no doubt chosen for the good light ;) It wasn't the main show of the year, just a normal show. There are also five Cup Shows, two of which are especially well attended (The Annual at the end of September and the Bradford Championship at the end of January). There were 196 mice at Lubenham if I remember correctly :)
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