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midland mouse show June the 16 th.

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Lubenham Village Hall
Address: Laughton Road
Lubenham, Market Harborough
County: Leicestershire
Postcode: LE16 9TE
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I was wondering if someone could take some pics during the show. I'm so curious as to what goes on, as well as seeing some of the wonderful mice! :) I've had a peek at the venue through google maps street view, and wish I could go. Wrong country though. :lol:
SarahY said:
I usually take pictures and post them, have a look through the show threads :)
Thanks, I did that, and there were a couple of great threads with pics. You and MouseBreeder take great photos! They give a feeling for what goes on, and who's there. It's such fun to see that! :D

I'll be checking for news and pics of the Midland Show!
I'm really looking forward to some news of how it all went, and some photos! :D
Thank you kindly! :D (My impatience got the better of me, so I just had to ask.) There are a lot of intent faces waiting on the results. And two suspicious pink suitcases secreted under a table...

Will the results be published on the NMC website?
I didn't realise it was a video clip! I just played it now... Yes, there is sound. Thank you for posting it. :) It's nice to have a peek at the group there. :D
Wight Isle Stud said:
Thankyou Mojo I consider those Pink Travelling Cases for Maxys to be offensive to the eye. I have formed an anti Pink Society within the NMC to have them Banned. However I find the more I object to them the more pink stuff turns up at shows. It is a conspiracy and I have a plan to nobble them at the next show where I know they will be attending.
:lol: (For a moment I thought they may be storage cases for Opal Fruits, but clearly not!) :p

Great pics, MouseBreeder! All that a show deprived, curious nosey pastie from the other side of the world could wish for, and more! Thank you. Congrats to the winners!

Does BIS Phil have a stud website, and is he on the forum?
Wight Isle Stud said:
I did do a little research for you MojoMouse, as we have an ex NMC judge and Mousing Expert living on the same patch of turf as you, I asked him how close he was to Sydney, his reply was 3000 Miles.
Really? :) He/she would probably be in Perth, from the sounds of that distance. Lots of English people who come to Australia go to Perth. I think it's because Perth's very sunny.

Thanks for all the pics, MouseBreeder. It's so nice to be able to put faces to the names. Such a nice, friendly looking group of people you all are. The venue's pretty spectacular as well. Handy to have so much natural light for judging the mice!

Was this the main NMC show of the year?
1 - 7 of 59 Posts
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