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midland mouse show June the 16 th.

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Lubenham Village Hall
Address: Laughton Road
Lubenham, Market Harborough
County: Leicestershire
Postcode: LE16 9TE
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Should be entering my first 4-5 at this show, (got all my maxeys ready!)
Wanted to shoe champ satins but thats not gonna happen xD

really wish there was more mudlands shows like this!
Picking my entries tonight and shall give you a call tomorrow Sarah - just trying to pick between an under 8 week tri or go for another dove tan. :lol:
SarahY said:
Cool! :cool:

I can lend you a Maxey if you'd like to show both, that's no problem at all. I'll bring it ready for the mouse with bedding and food.
thanks but its ok - Ill just try my luck with the tri lol. :lol:
1 - 4 of 59 Posts
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