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Live Fancy Mice for pets or feeders. Tame and friendly for pets or easy handle as feeders. All ages available.. I usually sell my females as pets and my males as feeders

$3 per mouse
$10 for 5 mice
$20 for 10 mice

Mice are healthy and home bred.
Males and females are separated before reproductive age so no unexpected breeding can occur.
Breeding is selective so mice that are chosen to breed are not related

Available most days and nights
Phone is easiest to reach me.

Vertebrate Mammal Rodent Rat Hamster

Hair Eyelash Purple Ear Gesture

Toy Rodent Fawn Hamster Whiskers

Vertebrate Cat Mammal Carnivore Dog breed

Vertebrate Small animal food Rodent Fawn Cockatiel

Vertebrate Rodent Rat Mammal Hamster

Organism Fawn Snout Ingredient Dog breed

Hand Gesture Finger Nail Font
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