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Merle Piebalds

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The three pied merle girlies have little k-factors and therefore show little white, a typical sign for little k-factors are the headspots.
In Merle this is wanted (at least by me ;-), since Merle Piebalds with many k-factors are too light very often.
The darkest girl is the best, they should have equal amounts of black & grey & white.

The type of recessive Merle Piebalds needs a lot of improvement, but this is what makes breeding exiting for me.

Kind regards, Roland
Chilloutarea Mousery - Tricolor , Splashed , Merle , Recessive Red
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no fixed ideas, that can come later and involve will other mousers.Just wanting to get a robust line of breeding animals in standardised colours initially.They've bred freely so far.
These are the first merles born in the UK :)


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Gorgeous! :mrgreen:

I've had meeces with coats that look a lot like these guys. I've often wondered about the origins of merle. I had coats like these show up in several splashed/tri litters in recessive yellow, chocolate, and black. The first time was when I crossed brindled with splashed.

I've read what I could find on the subject; still wondering.
I get them as well moustress and I do wonder about the possibility of accidently mixing varieties up
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omg I just died! Hurry and make more so I can come and buy some :D muhuhahaaa :D I am pretty sure I would drive 500miles to get my hands on these! xxx
we want to work on a standard and present them as an exhibition animal so it will be a while before any are available.
the merles have been mostly healthy and fertile.Numbers are climbing nicely so it should be possible to start selecting for desirable traits in the next generations.

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colour is coming good.Soon be in a position to make constructive selections.Some are now showing the merling before they open their eyes which helps

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These are looking lovely, Sarah! :love1
thanks,I'm pleased it all seems to be going well so far.
61 - 73 of 73 Posts
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