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His is a few of my new little boy called Mercury that I got from Marnie. He is ADORABLE. Though it seems I can't use a camera. Hopefully I can get more shots but man he likes to run around! though he is a good boy and always comes back to mummy's hand.

He has started a new lovely trick now. When i open the cage roof door he hops up onto the top of his house roof (that is a fleece hammock) and stand on his back legs and reaches out his front paws ro my hand and I have to pick him up. Who could resist that!?

Playing peekaboo after he had run around the table

His Mouse home :D

His tubes. Not allowed to touch them. They are his. I am slowly teaching him to run in and out of them in a figure of eight. he only has so much of this before he climbs on my hand and sulks.

Home sweet home :)

Visiting Daddy whilst Daddy plays World of Warcraft *giggles*
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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