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Meet Babe!

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Hey guys!

Things have been very rough for my girl and I. We've been through thick and thin with one another. I've had her since the day she was weaned from momma. While I technically didn't own her until she was nearly 2, I had the privilege of working with her from that first day when she had a horrible leg injury and I fell horribly in love with her. When I found out that she was going to be sold, I was devastated. So much so, that the owners contacted my parents late that night, to make the offer of letting me own her.

Eleven years later, she's still mine. I moved her with me all of the way from Canada when I married and moved down here (though I did have to leave her behind for a painful year while I made arrangements).

She took me to my highest level of showing (Canadian Provincials), got me 9th place in my first and only Competitive Trail Ride, carried me over hundreds of miles of unexplored land, and been my shoulder to cry on with no questions asked.

Babe is definitely my baby girl, and will be with me until the day she dies, so help me.

Currently we are dealing with some lameness issues that seem to be unresolvable, so it is a frustrating time. For that reason I wanted to look back on our years together, and share her with all of you.

Meet Babe!

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She looks like a strong spirit.
That's so neat. Sounds like me and my boy Rashad. I was started riding lessons when I was eight, leased a horse when I was 11, then lost the lease. After that I bought my first horse Rashad. He was 16 yrs old at the time and I was nearly 13 yrs old. He was my best friend in all the world. He was always there for me...through my teen years, through surgeries, through college, dating, marriage, children and the loss of children. Whatever I needed, whenever I needed him. Now 14 yrs later I finally had to say goodbye. On September 20th we laid him to rest. Now that he's gone I'm so empty inside.

Cherish the times you have. Even if you can't ride your horse. She's still there for you.

If you're interested feel free to come and join our horse forum. We'd be happy to help you figure out new things to try for the lameness issues. Hope it's okay that I put that out there.
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Very pretty! I trained my mare Autumn (Crikey back then) since she was a yearling, doing everything pro bono, and when as a two-year-old, the owners told me they were selling her, I jumped at the chance! Six months later, she tried to jump the fence, it broke, and she impaled her leg. You could litteraly stick your hand into the hole, up to your palm. Thankfully she survived, and I can even ride her. It's three years later, now. Mostly I just putter around on trails, so I've never had any issues with the old injury. I admit I'm very lucky! Good luck with your baby.
Love how cute your horse is! I love horses too :) I ride as well xD
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