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I also need to know the following colours if anyone could help. I know this is alot, sorry for that. :oops: just need some help with this.

This is from a list of colors that a friend has but my friend does not use the correct colour names (more like gerbil and guneapig and mouse colours mixed together). So I am trying to write down correct colours. I am not sure if the "spotted" once are marked or variengated so it´s ok to just use a "/" in the mean time unitl I find out. But I would like to use the UK version of the colours.
What is called here Chestnut looks to me as very solid chockolate colour.

First I write the colours my friend uses and in the ( ) I put what I think is the correct colour and/or further discription. Can you please correct me if I am wrong and/or tell me what you think :)


* White agouti spotted
(Agouti variegated? (on white background))

* White Black spotted
(Black variegated?)

* White chestnut spotted
(chocolate variegated?)

* White gray spotted
(color more gray than dove/lilac (uk) variengated?)

* White black spotted
(black variegated?)


* Red Eyed Dove/tan
(Dove or Lilac (uk) tan, do you say that or Red Eyed dove or lilac tan?)

* Black eyed dove/tan
(same as above but with black eyes, which is more orginal in this colour? do I say red or black eyes in the colour discription?)

* Black Eyed Chestnut/tan w/white
(BE Chockolate tan? I understand that this is chocolate marked tan do I mention black eyes or are they the regular eye colour with this colour)

* Black/tan with white
(black tan marked?)

* Red eyed dove/tan with little white line between eyes
(RE lilac (uk) or dove tan with a little white line between the eyes)

* Chestnut/tan
(chocolate tan, am pretty sure of this, this mouse is chocolate brown in colour)


* Agouti tipped tail
(Agouti with white at the tip of the tail)

* Agouti with white
(Banded Agouti with line between the eyes)

Thank you so much in advance :)

Editied: Changed a few colours since I got more information from my friend and made the text italic so you can see the changes

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"Red Eyed Dove" is just called dove in the UK, and it is a pink eyed black (a/a p/p). The "Black eyed dove" is probably blue (a/a d/d) but could be a lilac, which is made from chocolate and blue (a/a b/b d/d).

"RE lilac (uk) or dove tan with a little white line between the eyes" is a marked dove tan.

"BE Chockolate tan? with a white spot somewhere" is a marked chocolate tan, and black eyes are normal for chocolate.

Any white spots mean the mouse is marked.

Hope this helps you!

Sarah xxx

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Yes thank you this does help me :) my friend is very busy but I will see if he has time to take a look at those websites, I will take a better look at them. Just thought that the description could help with finding the correct names of the colours.
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