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Anyone be going to the Manchester show in a couple of months?

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Yep but a few shows first
Enfield then real london then london champ then manchester
Pairings are together for the under 8 weeks classes for that show, fingers crossed something good shows up in the litters :)
Ooooh exciting! It'd be great to meet up with a few of you. I'll be training down from Glasgow, it'll be a long 24 hours lol. Not showing for obvious reasons but it'll be nice to meet n greet!
I'll be looking to buy some show/exhibition mice while I'm down there :)
Cool, just make yourself known! You'll need to pre-arrange any mouse purchase.
Fab. I'm glad there will be a few "familiar" faces :)

And yep, I'll be putting up a post soon to find out if anyone will have bubs for sale then :)
im hoping to come to manchester to visit my first show ... its one of the more accessible for a vehicularly challanged person :)
I wont be there sadly, I fond the long drive hard (5 hours each way) so only plan to go up once a year and went to an earlier one.
Would like to go but have been to Manchester by car once, a long long drive, are there any other shows coming up fairly soon? :)
Thankyou :D going to see if we can make it to the championship one on the 13th Oct :D
Ah I'm jealous. I'd have loved to go to that one :(
:( aww, I think I would go to all of them if I could :lol:
firstmice said:
:( aww, I think I would go to all of them if I could :lol:
Me too, I only do the southern shows and one northern show a year. I'm in Wales where there are no shows so must travel hours to get to one.
Congratulations to our own SarahC for winning Best in Show yesterday (at Manchester) with her fabulous Fawn!
It was a stunning mouse!

I had such a great time at the show, just not enough hours in the day to meet everyone sadly. Looking forward to the one in spring. Hopefully I will have some to put on the bench =D
thanks.It was busy and I never met everyone either.Nice to speak to Andypandy.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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