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Manchester Show?

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Hiya, I've had mice for a while now, but never been to a show.

Can anyone link me to some information on the Manchester one? When is it/where, do they have a website? Do they sell mice or is it like Crufts where they just compete/show animals? Is it just strictly mice, or will there be other small rodents? Can anyone sell or is it just members of a soceity? Do you need a company to sell? Do you just book a table and bring animals (if selling)? I'm not looking to sell, just curious :)

I've been to reptile expos and they're mostly geared towards selling animals and supplies, is it the same for mouse shows?

Thanks, the mouse show n00b, Skylark :3
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SarahC said:

It's open to the public but there are no table top sales,nothing like a reptile event.The only animals there will be mice that are being exhibited.If you wanted to arrange to collect mice you would need to contact a breeder prior to the show.
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