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Manchester Show, 05-11-2011

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It's been a fair while since I was at Manchester.

Who is off to this one? I'm hitching a ride with Mark once again, but I'm not showing unfortunately :(

Looking forward to fish and chips like last time though :D
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Well I was hoping to attend this one, would be my first show, been beetling away behind the scenes breeding some nice youngsters that I thought were fit for the show bench, but the Maxeys I have ordered still aren't here, so thought it best not to enter just incase they didn't arrive in time, plus i've suffered some set backs and lost most of my breeding does to one thing and another, so I have decided to breed from these youngsters and build my stock up a bit more before they all fade out and think about showing a bit later on! Majorly dissapointed :cry:
sorry to hear that Richard.I am going and would/will lend you some Maxeys.It's probably not to late to squeeze in an entry but it would be better to keep them back if numbers are an issue,showing can take it's toll on them.
Thanks Sarah, that's really kind of you. I'm going to leave it until Sowood and show there I think as i'm just so worried about my mice all fading out and having to start all over again, i've not got many to work with so really need to build the numbers. Hopefully I might have a population explosion very soon!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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